PRODUCT TITLE : Ultimate 75-SA

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The Ultimate 75-SA - This is a "through-hull" submersible marine light IPX8 to 10 bar for welding into aluminium and steel hulls.

Our patent pending internal design allows you to vary the beam angle from a narrow to a wide beam and to universally move the beam up to 20 degrees.

We advise that the light be located 250mm below the minimum waterline and that the light be angled 15 degrees downwards. To achieve this there are two models - 30 and 50 degree - to choose from.

The 250 watt Ultimate 75-SA can have the lamp ignitor fitted to the projector cover which allows the electronic ballast to be located up to 10 meters away.

The technical and pending design improvements ensure the Ultimate SA range of "through-hull" submersible marine lights remain the world leaders in their class.

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