PRODUCT TITLE : Metal Halide Ballast

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- Wide Range of Operating Voltage: 150V~260V (Resistant to large voltage fluctuation)
- Low Starting Current: 0.5A (Prolongs lamp life and reduces installation cost)
- Low Starting Voltage: 150V (in low voltage application)
- Highly Efficient and Energy Conservative: Improves luminous efficiency by more than 2%, saves 28% energy than conventional electromagnetic ballasts
- High Power Factor: 0.99 (capable to increase capability by 30%, or to reduce initial installation cost by more than 30%)
- Consistent Power Output: Sustainable to +/- 15% voltage fluctuation in power supply network (maintains lumen output and light quality and prolongs lamp life)
- Flexibility and Mobility: up to 50 meters (Ballasts can be installed separately and placed 50m from lamps which allows convenience for maintenance - making them suitable for extreme environments, e.g. High temperature environment)
- Suitable for High Quality Illumination: Frequency at lamp 24,00Hz - No flickering (Overcomes the weakness of 50Hz source frequency, hence suitable in high quality illumination application, e.g. Live broadcasting in sports stadium)
- Low Total Harmonic Distortion: THD<10% (Low interference to the power supply network)
- Full Protection: Protection for open loop, short circuit and hot-lamp restart
- Easy Installation: NO external starter and capacitor required
- Short Startup Time: tr 3mins
- Long Lifetime: 8 years
- EMC/CE/TUV Compliant!

Programmed Dimming
Prolite Electronic Ballasts can be pre-programmed to dim output to lamp e.g. in an application such as a shopping precinct, the ballast
is set for Maximum output during ?populated night hours? then dimmed to provide security level lighting in "non-populated night
hours". An energy saving of up to 30% can be made. Dimming suitable for High Pressure Sodium Versions.

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