TYPE : Brilliance Underwater
NOM DU PRODUIT : Drivelite Colour-Change PLUS

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The Ultimate Underwater lighting experience, full control over colour, colour change and strobe if required in a High Power, High Quality, Low Cost package.
The Lumishore Drivelite PLUS takes marine lighting installation concepts to totally new levels of luminosity, flexibility and control. The Lumishore Drivelite PLUS provides the discerning boat owner with un-rivaled multiple lighting and control options via an onboard controller. The Lumishore Drivelite PLUS is available for all sizes of craft where on board control and full colour change are required including; Tenders, Ribs, Sports Boats, Sport Fishers, Cruisers and Yachts.

• Extensive range of fixed colours, colour-change options, a lighting palette, pre-programmed colours, lighting sequences and fish attractor modes.
• Fast and Simple installation.
• Can be interfaced with sound system to produce audio visual experience.
• No Holes drilled through the hull below the waterline.
• Simple driver/control design increasing integrity of system.
• Individually adjustable channels to display your colour of choice.
• Quick select of 6 preset colour options: White, Deep Red, Ultra Green, Ultra Blue, Cyan and Magenta.
• Auto cycle mode lets the system create the visual display for you.
• Select fish attraction mode, alter the flash frequency and wavelength of light depending on your fishing or viewing conditions.

Drivelite Colour–Change-PLUS Drivelite x-90 Colour-Change-PLUS
Max Output Per HICOB Led Array: 90-Watts
Max Output per channel (3 channels): 30-Watts
Recommended for Boats up to: 7-15 Metres
LED Lifetime: > 50,000 Hours
Colours: Full Spectrum Control
Application: Underwater, Outboard Engine, Stern Drives, Trim Tabs, Cavitation plates etc
Overall Diameter: 45 mm
Overall Length: 130 mm
Weight: 450 Grams
Internal Electronics Driver: Yes (plus Control Unit)
Cable Type: Hi Performance Polyurethane
Cable length: 3 metres
Underwater Holes Requirement: None
Hole above waterline (if desired by owner) 8mm
Lens Type: Toughened Borosilicate Glass GPE-coated
Fitment: Lumishore Stainless Steel clamps
Head: Marine-Grade Hard Anodised Aluminium
Peak Current Draw: 7.5Amps @ 12V/3.75Amps @ 24V
Average Current Draw: 6Amps @ 12V/3Amps @24V
Approvals and ratings: CE Marked, IP68 – rated
Power Options: 12 or 24 Volt

Preset Colour Modes Brilliant White, Ultra Blue, Deep Red, Ultra Green, Magenta and Cyan
Auto-cycle modes: Variable speed, 30sec to 60mins per cycle
Fish Attractor Modes: User Controlled Frequency Flash or Random Strobe (Ultra Green or Ultra Blue)
Overall Diameter: 85mm
Profile Type Flush or Raised Fitting ( Both included)
Profile depth: 8.5mm Flush or 24mm Raised Fittings
Mounting Hole Size: 76mm Flush or 25mm Raised
Body Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Cable length: 5 Meters
Current Draw: less than100mA
Voltage Options 9 to 31 Volts

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