New builds : ACDC ENERGY provides a one-stop service for all your on-going lighting requirements from boat construction onwards. By using detailed records of your new vessel’s lighting needs, ACDC ENERGY makes seasonal restocking of essential lights and spare parts a straightforward and painless experience, even after a crew change.

Refits : By applying the same principles to refits as it uses for new builds, ACDC ENERGY can meet all your exterior and interior light fitting requirements.

Essential stocks : ACDC ENERGY can meet all your needs for lamps, batteries, switches, plugs, transformers, etc. for the oncoming season.

Decorative lights and candles : ACDC ENERGY has an extensive range of stunning windproof candles and lighting gadgets to turn every evening on board into an event! In addition, we can provide custom-made candles in any size or colour to co-ordinate with each room of your yacht.

Who We are ?
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ACDC ENERGY Marine Lightings Specialists
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